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This quick, enjoyable read is packed with proven tips and advice beneficial for teachers at all stages of their career. Drawing on her many years' experience as an elementary and middle school principal, author Susie Wolbe, ED.D. addresses many of the common challenges teachers face, including classroom management procedures and practices, stress and burn-out.

Divided into three easy-to-read sections, The Empowered Teacher: Proven Tips for Classroom Success provides educators with practical strategies that will improve the teaching experience, including how to establish strong relationships with students and parents, how to enhance teaching methods and bring joy back to the classroom, and how to develop good professional relationships with colleagues. Dr. Wolbe's practical advice is designed to help educators see their profession through a different lens and to experience new ideas and strategies that will benefit everyone involved.


"Dr. Wolbe's strategy for students, parents, and teachers is backed by years of practical and sensible experience. What is most helpful are her organizational tips, role-modeling examples, and explanations of communication skills necessary in a successful classroom. Both new and returning teachers will benefit from this commonsense approach to teaching."
Professor, Moses Endowed Chair in Educational Leadership College of Education,
University of North Texas

"Susie Wolbe's passion for her craft and love for children shines through as she offers a collection of practical tips that educators can put to use immediately in their classrooms and schools."
Cofounder, Challenge Success,
Senior Lecturer, Stanford University Graduate School of Education

"The Empowered Teacher should be required reading. Dr. Wolbe has synthesized her many years of experience as a teacher and school administrator with contemporary educational research into a highly practical and readable resource for both teachers and parents."
Professor of Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and co-author of Stress Free Discipline: Simple Strategies for Handling Common Behavior Problems

"Dr. Susie Wolbe demonstrates her love for the profession in this well-researched little gem as she shares a wealth of practical, applicable tips based on reflections of her own classroom experiences and many years as a campus administrator-all woven around the recurring theme of the importance of building trust, respect, and positive relationships."
Houston/Dallas/Austin, Alternative Certification for Teachers


“Every school has its mandated curriculum, but the schools and teachers who go beyond the content are the ones who get to the heart of the matter and the spirit of their students."


“Your students might have just woken up an hour before they arrive at your door, but they’ve already had a lifetime to feel the way they do by the time they leave your classroom. In addition to the circum-stances with which students have long struggled, such as sibling rivalry, missing pets, disagreements with parents, or peer-related social issues, today’s youth is often faced with other areas of concern.”


“Students are not the only ones who need to have the right frame of mind each day; you are the teacher, and you must be ready to set the tone for your students. Yet teachers are expected to fill so many roles. I once told a colleague that, had I only known, I would have gotten degrees in psychiatry, psychol-ogy, and counseling in addition to my teaching degree. Because of all the demands placed on teachers, it is essential that educators take care of themselves. They need to establish habits of self-care and understand that taking care of oneself is not a selfish thing to do.”


“Children will always realize when a teacher displays genuine care and concern for them, and that is reward enough.”


“Helping children create a growth mind-set, one in which value is placed on dedication and hard work, will result in a love of learning and pride in accomplishing a job well done. With this attitude, children will become motivated by new challenges, develop a sense of resilience, and build a work ethic that will shine as they move from the classroom into the workforce and continue throughout their adult lives.”


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